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With this blog article, we want to take you a little deeper into the world of collagen. We have summarized the most important information about collagen and explain to you what collagen is, what the body needs it for and how Avy&Dan uses collagen.

But what is collagen?

Collagens form a group of structural proteins found exclusively in multicellular animals. That is, not in fungi, plants and unicellular organisms. They are mainly found in connective tissue, but also as extremely strong proteins in organs, fibers, tendons, cartilage and bones. The structure of collagens always consists of three amino acid chains. It consists of a complex arrangement of different segments, with the collagen molecule being the fundamental base. As a form, it forms a triple helix of chain-like proteins. A large number of these helices is called a collagen fibril, which in turn becomes a collagen fiber through the combination of many collagen fibrils. The tensile strength of the protein results from the tight coiling and collagens also play a prominent role in biomineralization.

Overall, collagens make up thirty percent of all our protein found in the body. Currently, 28 different collagen types are known, of which collagen type-1 is the most abundant in humans and mammals.

Why do we need collagen?

Due to its tensile strength, collagen provides for various properties of our body. It not only gives stability to bones, cartilage and teeth, but is also largely responsible for the strength of our connective tissue and skin. It can therefore be understood as a kind of “scaffolding” under the skin, over which our skin then tightens. The firmer the scaffolding is, the tighter our skin is. 

But collagen can do even more. The protein can bind water, which makes it especially moisturizing for the skin. Especially during the aging process, our skin dries out faster and more frequently. Through the donated moisture, we can support our skin in regaining its natural protective function. The top beauty drinks for skin and top collagen drink support the easy usage of such high quality ingredient.

Collagen is produced independently by our body, but is also absorbed through food. As we age, our body finds it increasingly difficult to regenerate itself. This also influences collagen production, because it visibly decreases over time. Visibly so because our skin also begins to age and become more wrinkled. Unfortunately, this is a problem that even young people have to deal with, because collagen production starts to decrease around the age of 25.

A weakened collagen framework favors the formation of wrinkles, which is also accelerated by poor nutrition and unfavorable habits such as smoking, stress, lack of sleep and alcohol. That is why we can start to support our body and skin at an early stage with a balanced diet, but also with added collagen.

Which collagen do we use at Avy&Dan?

As described in the beginning, there are different collagen sources and ways to extract them. However, the basic principle of all collagens is that they are mostly extracted from living organisms, as they are part of tissues, organs, bones and hair. Incidentally, one collagen-based product that is often not perceived as such is gelatin.

 Palm with collagen Beauty Drink

We at Avy&Dan use for our collagen drink 50 ml (Pack of 10), which is obtained in Norway. We wanted to create the best liquid collagen drink. The cold and clear waters of the North Atlantic are home to the king of cod, which has always been used as a popular food fish. Cod caught and utilized there provides the collagen in Avy&Dan products, supporting a complete utilization of the caught fish. Since marine collagen has shorter peptide chains than collagen obtained in other ways, our body can convert it more easily and absorb the important amino acids. The beauty drink collagen benefits are the easy usage as in form of a drink.

Avy&Dan’s glow Collagen Drink 50 ml thus provides the important collagen that supports the “scaffolding” of our skin, hair and bones and helps in their regeneration. By the way, we are currently working at full speed on a new product that promotes collagen production, but is completely vegan! We will present it to you shortly.

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