Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the best known of all vitamins and is also known as ascorbic acid, among other things. Vitamin C is mainly found in raw vegetables and citrus fruits and has a positive effect on our immune system and our metabolic processes. But vitamin C is also a true miracle cure for our skin.

Vitamin C – a miracle cure for our skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps to protect our skin from free radicals, which are caused for example by UV radiation, nicotine, drugs or air pollution. Vitamin C also supports collagen production in our body and can therefore also be called an anti-aging vitamin. In addition to this, vitamin C can help our skin heal minor inflammations caused by skin blemishes and acne, for example, and age spots can also be reduced.

Vitamin C and collagen

As you could already read in our article about collagen, collagen forms a kind of “scaffolding” under the human skin. However, as we age, the body begins to produce less and less collagen, causing the skin to sag and wrinkles to appear. Vitamin C protects the existing collagen scaffold and also supports the production of new collagen. To reduce the signs of skin aging, it is therefore important to ensure a sufficient vitamin C intake. Vitamin C also binds hyaluronic acid, which binds water and promotes skin hydration. This gives the skin a younger and more vital appearance.
Unfortunately, not only does the formation of collagen begin to decrease with age, but the vitamin C level also decreases significantly. As a result, the skin and organs are no longer sufficiently supplied with vitamin C, which promotes poorly healing wounds, bleeding and inflammation, but also a sagging skin appearance. External influences can also affect the skin and increase the need for vitamin C. Extensive sunbathing, stimulants such as those ingested through smoking or alcohol consumption, and an unbalanced diet are classic examples. They stress the skin and accelerate the aging process considerably. However, added vitamin C can help counteract these effects and give our skin the support it needs to regain a fresh and vital look.

The Vitamin C of Avy&Dan

That’s why, at Avy&Dan, we’ve been looking into this issue and asking ourselves how our products can best provide the skin with the Vitamin C it needs. Since the exceptional quality of the ingredients in our products is extremely important to us, we spent a long time researching which supplier was the best for us. This is how we finally came to the vitamin C of the Dutch concern DSM. DSM promotes and supports research on vitamins both financially and with 25 in-house scientists, and is also GMP and FSSC 22000 certified.

Vitamin C Serum


Avy&Dan Vitamin C Skin Booster Serum

Our developed Vitamin C Skin Booster Serum contains the important Hyaluronic Acid and the purest water from the Swiss glaciers as well as the high-quality Vitamin C, which is so elementary for vital and elastic skin.
It should not be missing in any beauty routine and is suitable for all skin types. We recommend both women and men apply four to five drops daily to cleansed skin. Make sure to apply the serum before your daily facial care, so that both the vitamin C and the hyaluronic acid can be absorbed directly. Therefore, Avy&Dan Vitamin C Skin Booster Serum fits perfectly into the morning skincare routine and can arm our skin for the rigors of the day.

Vitamin C Sheet mask

Avy&Dan Smart Aging Vitamin C Face Mask

In addition to our Vitamin C Skin Booster Serum, we have also developed a face mask that provides our skin with all the substances it needs, but especially with the important vitamin C. The Avy&Dan Smart Aging Vitamin C Face Mask is a sheet mask. It is rich in natural ingredients, completely vegan as well as animal-free and also suitable for all skin types. It fights fine lines and age spots and unfolds its anti-aging effect due to the vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.
We recommend that you apply the cloth mask to a cleansed face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. This allows the skin to absorb all the ingredients and regeneration is activated. You can easily massage in any excess with your fingers or a derma roller. Small tip: During a relaxing bath you can apply the Avy&Dan Smart Aging Vitamin C Face Mask and treat yourself to a short break before the stress of everyday life starts all over again.

Combined with the Avy&Dan Collagen Beauty Drink and the Avy&Dan Collagen Serum you can perfectly round off your beauty routine and maintain your beauty from the inside and outside.

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