About us

Avy&Dan is more than just a brand. It’s two mothers who channeled their entrepreneurial drive, passion for health and wellbeing, and love for their family into a holistic wellness brand that strives to bring only the best and most trustworthy products to its consumers. Anna, a nurse, and Daniela, an accountant, began hand-sewing masks for friends and family at the beginning of the COVID era, pairing their motherly compassion with their practical skills in order to protect their loved ones.
As their business grew, they were picked up by a leading Austrian drugstore and became known for their trustworthy products. They were one of the only companies that could deliver on their promise of immediate, high-quality safety products to protect their nation. Now beloved by customers across Europe and the United States, Avy&Dan has expanded to include not only face masks, but a full range of anti-inflammatory and health-promoting products for long-term holistic wellbeing. At Avy&Dan, we care for our customers the way only a family-owned brand can. If we wouldn’t use it, we wouldn’t sell it to you.
Avy&Dan Beauty and Health company with high level and luxury Beauty drinks and Energy Powder and Energy Beauty Drink