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Wild Mallow

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Short Description:

o vegan and animal-free

o easy application and removal

o long shelf life

o works for fingernails & even toenails

o suitable for natural, gel, shellac and acrylic nails

o The top coat is already integrated in the nail foils. This saves you the subsequent application of a top coat and its drying time.


Step 1:
Shape nails with nail file.
Push back or remove cuticles.

Step 2:
Clean nails with an alcohol swab or nail polish remover.

Step 3:
Choose the appropriate size for each nail. Peel off protective foil.

Step 4:
Peel off nail sticker and place on nail. 

Step 5:
Press the foil down from the center outward and press the edges down.

Step 6:
Cut off any excess nail foil first and then file it off.

Done is the perfect look for your fingernails!

Removing nail stickers is quite easy. Simply lift at the corners and pull off.